We all need somebody to Lean on

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Everybody needs somebody to lean on; a friend that will help you in a time of need. To lean on somebody means to use them as a “crutch”, they will help you continue when you can’t yourself. If you are injured then you may depend on somebody to help you move around and do daily tasks. If you have a mental impairment you could lean on someone to help you stay safe. If you are having emotional issues you could lean on someone for support. If you are somehow having problems someone can help you overcome.

Of course, any theory needs example to prove its accuracy. The short story “Mrs. Flowers”, an excerpt from “I know why the Caged Bird Sings” by Maya Angelou, makes a great example. In the story Marguerite, A young black girl in the days when most blacks didn’t have extra money for books, still striving for civil rights, was thrown a lifeline.

Marguerite had deep emotional scars and didn’t like to talk, nut loved to read. Mrs. Flowers had lots of books for Marguerite to read and help her to talk.

The story Raymond’s run is also a good example. A girl named Squeaky, Raymond’s younger sister, is charged with taking care of Raymond throughout the day. Raymond has a mental problem and needs looking after. When Raymond is with Squeaky she keeps Raymond on the inside of the street for his safety. Although Raymond might not always be aware he is leaning on Squeaky.

In both selections one character is helped by another. When in need someone is there to lean on. When they couldn’t do it themselves somebody helped them. In one someone has mental issues, in the other a girl has emotional problems in both selection the point that we all need somebody to lean on is proven. At some point in life all of us will have problems and someone can help us through.