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Prior to his inventive presidency, Ronald Reagan made his way through college majoring in economics and sociology. However it was the theatre community of his college- Eureka College- that would by far, have the most influence on him for years to come. Having obtained an unyielding clutch on acting in college, Reagan, in 1937, utilized his ability in Hollywood, where he would soon after, come to star in more than fifty motion pictures. Eventually though, the discrepancies Reagan and the film industry would have over communism, would uncover the better of him, per the gradual termination of his acting career. In the subsequent years, the soon to be Commander in Chief, would invigorate his political presence via triumphant senatorial elections in Texas. Serving as a Texan senator from 1966-1970, in conjunction with having Congressman George H. Bush as his running mate during the 1980 presidential election, would prove to be lucrative.

Nonetheless, Reagan would successfully gain the presidency through a victory over lame duck president Jimmy Carter, and begin addressing the inflation and the confinement of Americans in Iran (Iran-Contra Affair) Carter failed to. Having encompassed a "can-do" attitude, Reagan was aptly able to undertake and curb inflation, improve the employment rate, and stabilize national security. i.e. "Reaganomics." By the second year of his second term (1986), the president completely overhauled the previous income tax code, and altered it such that lower class masses were exempted from paying income tax, so that spending, in positive relation, would energize the economy. Having also sought after healthy foreign relations, Reagan signed the INF treaty with Mikhail Gorbachev that eliminated an entire class of nuclear weapons. He additionally called for the dismantlement of the Berlin wall, which just about halted Soviet Union Communism, and its extension thereof. Reagan, who would eventually die following...