We had to write a 2 paragraph essay Considering the job or profession you want to follow. Develop the following idea into a topic sentence.

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The one quality most necessary in my chosen career of a homemaker is to enjoy what I am doing. As a homemaker I enjoy the privilege and the opportunity to schedule my days exactly as I wish. Over the years I have perfected a highly efficient program of cleaning, shopping and laundering. Monday is scrubday not another week beginning in an office with a boss, I am my own boss. My entire family has the chance to clutter, litter and soil the house over the weekend. But in the morning, a transformation starts to take place. And by the end of the afternoon I have the intense satisfaction of wandering from room to room to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Wednesdays mean errands. Cookbooks are consulted, menus compiled, shopping lists prepared. I am still amazed at the amount of time that is involved to just run to the grocery store or drop by the cleaners.

Laundry and ironing takes place on Fridays. No more griping and complaining that there is nothing to wear for the weekend. Planning major household chores every other day of the week leaves me ample time to pursue a college degree, and of course because a little education is good for everyone. Although, I have chosen a homemaker as a career and I enjoy it not every women seeks this profession as a career. To me in what ever career any woman may chose she needs to enjoy her profession to be good at it.

I consider myself very fortunate that I had options when my daughter came along. Not every mother is in this position. A deliberate decision was made at the time that I would retire from my job. From then on, my career consisted of taking care of my family...