We have much to learn in school today. Do you agree with this statement?

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Learning is an important thing in our life. Certainly, we can learn a lot of skills in our lifelong experiences. The world is speeding toward of change, everything is developing. Everyone has to know how to gather knowledge and how to be seasoned with the change. Learning is a lifetime process, not something that ends with graduation. Are there too much to learn in schools nowadays? Or are there limited learning in schools?Firstly, times have changed. Nowadays, students are required to learn more compared to the past. There is a higher demand in students knowing more because of the competition among their peers. Students’ lives have changed since the introduction of Information Technology (IT). With this ‘convenience’, teachers are able to make use of the Internet and other resources to teach more widely. Hence, students are keen in studying have to learn more in order to be in the tip-notch of their level.

Secondly, learning does not only include studying. Social learning is equally as important. Students have to be friendly to people they meet as others may be able to help them when they are in need. For example, a student loses his notes, a peer from another class may be able to lend it to him. There is also much to learn from social learning.

Thirdly, there is an increase in students suffering from depression. Some students who are unable to take the stress commit suicide. Comparing to the past, students nowadays have to learn so much that death is the only way out. Learning nowadays is so wide that even adult topics can be discussed among students. Not mentioning the troubles of adults that could also be students’ troubles.

However, there are times when learning is limited in schools.

Nowadays, students lack the...