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The gods must be crazy. Strange pollen is in the air. Like Mr. Dylan said, "The times, they are a-changin' ". What has it been, thirty years since he penned that line? What has changed? America, as a whole has wallowed in the pitfalls of it's own failures and mistakes for so long that we can't seem to break through this bad habit. Sitting here in out artificial pride and patriotism as we go out on the limb of World War Three. We tap dance on the landmines of world dominance. We are not in control anymore. And yet, we think he have this power over all. And it's this grand feeling of strength that fills our weakening hearts every time we look at that flag, that is going to spread it's poison through out us when we least expect it. "The times they are a changin' ". Or at least we thought they were.

Or have we just spent our lives covering up every threat, masking every failure, and then proceed with advances with hopes that they will overshadow that horrible truth? The fact of the matter is, we have grown too comfortable. Spontaneity is dead and gone. Or maybe it is just buried alive, and someone or something will dig through the soil and revive the American Dream. Because it has been discarded from our minds. We have lost that motivation, that inner drive, that heart and soul of what made this blistered nation appear to be great. We've degenerated so far that now the warts are beginning to emerge from underneath the surface. Underneath where the truth lies. And the truth lied underneath because no one ever learns from their mistakes. No one owns up to the responsibility. Which explains this whole conflict in Kosovo. God willing...