We Learn From Our Mistakes

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A year has been passed since the beach incident took place. But it's still fresh in my mind as if it happened yesterday only. I can recall what I had felt at that time, the adrenaline rush and the screaming. It was that day I had learnt a valuable lesson and this lesson was not only learnt by me but also by my cousins who were there when this incident took place.

New years eve was just a day away and all of us, my cousins and I, had made great plans of partying out all night and having a blast. One of my friend's was throwing a party at his place so we had decided that we would go there and have a great time. Apart from that, we had decided that on our way back we would go to the beach as we had heard that for New Years Eve, the beach is a perfect place to go and enjoy.

Now that everything was planned out, I just waited for the day to pass and New Year's Eve to come.

Finally, the day came. I was really excited. But as soon as my parents got into the picture, the excitement changed into irritation and anger. I had always been a very overprotective child of my parents, which really bothered me a lot because most of the time I did not get to do things that other teenagers did. So, when they got to know about our plans for the evening, they really objected it. They kept on saying that it was not safe to go out late night especially for girls and it could get really dangerous and we could get into trouble. They were trying their best to stop me from going out but at that time, I did not listen to any thing they had to say. The reason for it was that I had enough of the restrictions that were made on me. I was tired of being overprotected. I wanted to do what I felt like doing and not what my parents told me to do. Besides it was New Years Eve and it was not like I was the only person who was going to be partying out, everybody party's out on New Years Eve. Nevertheless, after listening to the fact that I will be grounded for a month, I banged the door and left my place.

My cousins were outside waiting for me so I just got into the car and reached my friend's place. The party was amazing. As soon as we reached there, we went straight to the dance floor. The whole place was fully packed up. The music was so loud and the people were going crazy dancing. At first I was trying to calm down because of the argument I had with my parents but then I was soon enjoying my self and forgetting the whole episode that had happened earlier. Then when it was going to be 12,the music stopped and we began the countdown and just after a couple of seconds, it was New Year. All of us were screaming on top of our voices and hugging each other. That moment was truly amazing. Soon the music was on and we started dancing again.

After sometime, I was really tired and wanted to go home. But then my cousins reminded me that we still had to go to the beach because that's what we had planned. So, we left the party and went to the beach. The beach was overflowing with people. It was even crazier than the party we were coming from. I had not seen so many people in one place before. It was unbelievable. Even on the roads, there were more people and fewer cars. As we were going further in, we noticed that the people ahead of us were getting really rowdy and apart from that a man came up to us and said that we should move our car back because the people ahead of us were going wild. At that point, we got a bit worried because we could not reverse our car since a lot of people were behind us and we could not just drive over them. In short, we were stuck. We had nowhere to go but forward. So, we slowly drove ahead.

As we were driving, we reached the place where the crowd was going crazy. They started banging our windows, shaking our car and screaming at us. I was so scared and so were my cousins. We saw the crowd holding sticks and knives in their hands, which made us, freak out even more. We did not know what to do. We were going on a very slow pace and with the addition of the banging and screaming I thought we were not moving at all. They were banging the windows so hard that I thought they were going to break them and the car was been shaken to the fullest. It was like we were on a wild roller coaster ride but the only difference was that it was more scarier. In addition to this, while we were moving at a turtles pace, we heard blasts. Some people had burst our tires with the sharp objects that they had. With great difficulty, we got out of there and stopped our car at an isolated place. We had no choice actually because considering that all our tires had burst we could not have moved an inch further.

We got out of the car. The car was in terrible condition. It had dents all over, along with the scratches and burst tires. It was a complete mess and so were we. We were shaken up. I got really emotional as I thought over the fact that what if they had gotten hold of us? What would have happened to us then? I was greatly disturbed; I called my parents up and told them where we were. Soon they came to pick us up and when they saw our condition, they got really upset.

As we reached home, we did not have any discussion about the incident, but I kept on thinking about it and felt guilty. Next day I apologized to my parents. They accepted my apology, which felt great but I still was grounded for a month. Therefore, I learnt a lesson that we should not be irritated by the fact that our parents put restrictions on us because restrictions are basically for our own good. Hence, we should try our level best to follow the rules and be obedient, also not to go to the beach on New Years Eve.