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In a forest hidden to the public eye, lies a cottage full of life. It was a lovely home that was filled with warmth and love; and no matter how small our family was, the trees and flowers surrounding us kept us company. The trees, with its branches lined with birds singing in harmony, seemed to be dancing with the tune. The flowers swayed with the gentle push of the cold breeze, and they decorated themselves around Mother Earth's head, forming a tiara. As I roamed around, I smiled as I witnessed a baby fawn practicing his first steps with his mother. Everything felt like a huge puzzle with its pieces linked together; fitting each other perfectly.

But as I looked beyond the forest, I see human-like beasts that have invaded my pristine sanctuary; where they claimed it as their own simply by their presence; where they slaughter innocent animals.

Where they devastate the landscape and gouge out the earth to build their monuments to vanity. And yet, they believe that they are making everything better by filling the world with useless materials in place of Mother Nature. So I watched as those savage beasts ruined every miracle that has been sprouted from our earth. And as time went by, those beasts edged closer and closer to my home; cutting every tree in their path; killing every animal and ignoring the waste they leave behind; And my family? They were fooled, thinking that living that way would make our lives easier, and "better". But I knew the truth; I wasn't fooled by their mask of lies; at least, not at first. It's sad to think, that at one point, I thought that maybe it would make everything better. I was blinded by their innovations and things that just...