What We Should Do For Sep 11, 2001

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The United States should retaliate with war for what was done to our country on September 11, 2001. What was done to our country was probably the worst terrorist attack on the united States since Pearl Harbor in 1941. Now 60 years later the United States is faced with the same tough decision it was faced with then, war or no war.

If we go to war over these terrorists attacks, we the U.S. government, will show terrorists that the U.S. will not deal with terrorism in any form. We will show them that we are going to end terrorism and not stop until our mission is complete. There is a negative to the issue of America going to war, and that is the number of American lives that will be scared or lost in battle. Though the war would most likely be air strikes and heavy bombing, the predicted number of lives to be lost would still hurt the U.S.

and it's families.

This war would not only attempt to end terrorism in its tracks, it will also show other countries, that host or support terrorism, the U.S. will not be threatened by any one person or country in the world. This would send a serious message to all who threaten America, its citizens, and its future. But sadly on the other-hand attacks on the U.S. during this war are uncontrollable, and could endanger the lives of millions of American citizens. People would most likely see major buildings destroyed, like they have before, and towns and cities completely wiped out of life, liberty, and happiness.

There is also another positive reason to go to war that has to deal with the citizens of the United States, this will show them that terrorism will be stopped, no matter what...