We Speak Again For The First Time

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We Speak Again For the First Time September 7, 1996 a fight breaks out at the MGM Grand hotel lobby after a Tyson fight. Involved in the scuffle is Tupac Shakur. After the altercation Tupac and Marion "Suge" Knight are riding in their black BMW down a bright Las Vegas street. Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang. Seven shots spray the vehicle Tupac is riding in. Seven days later on September 13, 1996 at 4:03am Tupac is pronounced dead at a local hospital. The hip-hop community and myself would never be the same again. If only we could speak again for the first time"¦ Your words were heard by a nation of millions, but where only felt by few. Your words filled with passion, truth, anger and love were more powerful than the gun that ended your life. Your death changed my whole view of life. How could someone so young, so real be taken off this earth by the hands of another man so soon? You lived a lifestyle that many envied.

You were on top of the rap game as well as the world. You were scrutinized by the media; they portrayed you as a gangster and a troublemaker. I guess they didn't know you like I did.

Tupac when you died I was at a loss for words. On the inside my heart is torn to pieces, but I could not bring myself to tears. For I knew that you would live on through your music. In my head "˜life goes on' from your final CD before your death played in my mind for days. How did you know that it was your time to leave this earth? You predicted your death in your music. Before you left us you taught me how to get ahead in life as an African American in America. Your death taught me to live your life in the moment and never let opportunities pass you by. You taught me to go after your dreams no matter how hard the struggle and I thank you. Before you died I thought you were invincible. You had been shot five times previously, but this five took you out of this world forever. I dedicate my education to you Pac. My passion for education is the equivalent for the passion I have for you. I will strive to do my best in any and all areas that I take on. Your lyrics touched people more than you know. You where a true soldier and I will continue to be one to. Thank you for your knowledge and wisdom. You loved your people and your people loved you to. You were truly one in a million. Tupac you have been talking to me for years, now it's my turn. I only ask a few questions of you Pac. Will there ever be another emcee as nice and will you return to us like the resurrection of Christ? I don't need answers, only truth. Rest in peace Tupac.