We tell stories to come to terms with the world to harmonize our lives within reality.

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Why Babylon and Christmas? The two are very similar, both coming from and being established in paganism, the one a modern/current festival the other seemingly dead. The Babylonian myth is based on the pagan trinity of Nimrod the father, Semiramis the mother and Tammuz the child. Hislop proposes that all ancient myths are birthed from Babylon and all false religions have a pagan trinity of father, mother and child, the mother taking the place of the Holy Spirit as the trinity is understood in the bible. Nimrod is mentioned in the bible as being "a mighty hunter before the Lord" and as being the founder of Babylon, Shinar and Erech (Gen 8:1) and he may also have built the tower of Babel. As the great black hunter he rode forth on horseback and used leopards to hunt other animals and the vestiges of dinosaurs that were left on the earth after the flood.

Then placing people in cities to be protected from the beasts he became their first king. The fair skinned and beautiful Semiramis caught the eye of Nimrod and he took her to be his wife. It was rumoured that her beauty could stop a rampaging mob. The king now trained bands of men in the mountains so that he could form the first army then went to battle against the surrounding peoples. He promoted sexual immorality, drunkenness and the use of magic among his people even calling down lightning from heaven to destroy and frighten his enemies. In such a way as this he lifted the Spirit of God from the earth. For his many sins Shem the son of Noah, who was still alive upon the earth, called Nimrod into Egypt to be judged in the patriarchal way. Nimrod came forth to receive the charges against...