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WEB 2.0Introduction:"Web 2.0 is linking people". (www.youtube.com) This simple statement clears up the whole jargon about what is web 2.0. I was unclear what it meant and I think most people are. I thought it was this "meaningless marketing buzzword" that people happen to bring in mid sentence to make what they were talking about seem more technical. However then as I was surfing YouTube I came across this fantastic video that Michael Wesch a cultural Anthropologist uploaded (The machine is us/ing us). It states that we are the web. Every time we send a link or tag a photo we are teaching this machine. People sharing, trading and collaborating is what the Web 2.0 consists of with the use of XML and AJAX that meshes all this data together which is open sourced.

Definition:So to clearly explain Web 2.0 we can define it as in the words of Tim O'Reilly:"Web 2.0

is the understanding that the network is the platform and on the network as a platform the rules for business are different. The cardinal rule is that users add value- figuring out how to build databases that get better as more people use them is the secret sauce for web 2.0 companies" (www.youtube.com)"Web 2.0 is a catchword for the new internet paradigm that is just starting to shape the way you work and interact with information on the web. Web 2.0 is not specific software or some registered trademark of Microsoft or Google but a buzzword describing a collection of approaches to using the net in new and very innovative ways."In laymen terms it is a technology that shares information between people on the web. You can contribute to one site and gain information from another. However it is not a world of stealing or pirating information, it...