Web based ordering system.

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Web base ordering system

The following report is based upon a need by XYZ to reduce order-processing errors. The current company procedure consists of a handwritten, order form completed by the sales staff and corrected multiple times by the service department in the process of filling orders.

XYZ's history has been mainly that of an analog copier and fax service company. The company has moved into providing automated systems for its customers, but has not made the transition to self-automated processes for itself.

Due to the process of using a handwritten, order form for order entry and not using an automated system, order problems occur such as:

·The ordering of accessories for equipment.

·Adding an accessory and not knowing what additional equipment is needed to implement the accessory.

This, in turn, causes the order fulfillment process to be delayed and the potential of the loss of clients

Our proposal is to create a web based ordering system for the sales staff to use that will ensure the accurate placement of the initial orders.

The system would consist of a web based front end using the existing Access inventory architecture as the backend. This allows products to be referenced with the correct accessories for order accuracy.

The constraints of this project would involve the following:

·Initial setup costs involved in designing the interface.

·Training the end users on proper use of the interface.

·Selling the idea to the information system department, as a self-sufficient system.

The basic assumptions of this project are:

·Increased productivity by the service department.

·Increased order accuracy.

·Fewer man-hours involved in correcting orders.

·Increased bottom line profit due to fewer instances of absorbing costs and mistakes in business transactions

·Increased client retention due to ability to fulfill orders more efficiently and accuracy

The current system is based...