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Web communication Reflection Web communications 101 is seen to be a quite challenging unit, as internet is mainly in focus, that is something that I had not paid enough attention before. At first the content within Web Communications revealed to be not as I thought, I had a pre-set my mind of the idea of what I would be learning and how it would have interested me, nevertheless I'm glad that it was he unit that surprised me the most, to the point that by the first week I knew that it was going to be a very important part of my future no matter what direction I chose to go in. This semester I have learnt things that will not only assist me in my chosen career path but are already assisting me within my personal Internet use at home. Although each week presented me with a new and interesting topic there were a few that I felt stood out from the rest, mainly as they were things that were relevant in my own life and my online existence.

These included the general introduction to how we each individually utilise the Internet, the World Wide Web and its difference to the Internet, and the importance of a projecting a positive digital footprint.

In the first week we learned about what is internet and things related to this. I came to see that the class found it hard to pinpoint a single definition, as we felt each person utilises the Internet in very different ways, so in groups we were able to divide its main uses into four main categories. As Educational and or informational purposes, for example finding the right recipe, learning how to build things on websites such as howto.com, as a source of information to help with...