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The Souls of Black Folk W.E.B. DuBois was a man of strong convictions. He was by no means an introvert when it came to the subject of educating African Americans. DuBois who was a highly educated man, who felt that all people, especially African Americans needed an education. To Dubois education was a school education, not an on the job training sort of education. Dubois spoke about what education was, the are different forms education, and spoke of the importance of education. Education in DuBois's eyes was essential.

DuBois, who was received a Ph.D. from Harvard felt that education was the ingredient that would aid African Americans to a better livelihood. Dubois who grew up in an all white town in Massachusetts, never felt the effects of racism until he enrolled in the mostly Black, Fisk College. It was then that Dubois was first exposed to racism.

While growing up in Massachusetts, DuBois found that most people excepted him.

He came to the conclusion that his education was the key factor in the way people viewed him. It was this that enabled him to come to the conclusion that education was the most important trait an African American could gain. Although he felt not every kind of education was the same or for that matter good enough.

Dubois wanted African Americans to all be educated. He felt that was essential but not the final step. On top of educating all African Americans, he wanted a certain number of Blacks to have a higher education just as he had. These people with the higher education would be the elite ones who would lead their people. These elite would be other higher educated African Americans like Dubois. They would be the people that would gain a sense of equality...