Web Marketing - Developments & Trends

Essay by missskitz May 2004

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One of the biggest recent trends in Internet technology is the infiltration of advertising into all aspects of interaction with the web. Spy ware, whilst considered an annoyance by many individuals, is a clever attempt by web marketers to target Internet users with the advertising they want at the right time while in the convenience of their own homes.

Spy ware is software designed to detect what customer's Internet browsing patterns are and based on these find out their interests. These "interests" are then used to provide advertising targeted to the consumer's buying needs. This technology can utilize such information as search keywords typed, without the user even realizing. The spy ware vendor will then send "pop-ups" to their computer about products they may be interested in.

Ad ware is one variety of spy ware that can be installed on an Internet user's computer. These programs are often imbedded in other, perhaps more legitimate, pieces of software.

Generally a person will download a program they have some use for, and without their knowledge the piece of spy ware will be installed behind the scenes concurrently. From this point the spy ware is left to do it's own thing, basically "spying" on what the computer user does.

By clicking on a "pop-up" a customer is directed to a site specializing in that particular merchandise advertised. The variety of products advertised in this way could be practically any good or service, from computer software to sporting memorabilia. Investigation by the writer found that these sites tended to be geared towards easy and quick purchase of the goods with purchase links prominent upon entry of the site. By entering credit card details a willing consumer could have their goods on the way within minutes, with most sites offering delivery within 7 days or...