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IntroductionAs technology continues to evolve companies are able to expand their customer base through the use of the internet. Companies are able to create websites that a potential customer can view and determine if this company fits his or her desired needs. These advances also allow companies to use the internet and web in a variety of ways to improve how their daily operations are handled (Schneider, 2004).

To get a better understanding about how companies use their website to attract customers Team B will take a look at three resorts that offer all-inclusive vacations. The three companies that the team will view and evaluate are Couples, Beaches and Club Med. All three of these resorts offer similar amenities but how enticing are the web sites and how easy are they to move through? The answers to these questions will often determine which company a vacationer will choose to do business with.

CouplesThe name of this resort really says it all. The consumer knows immediately that this place is designed for couples. Couples chose to keep the background color soft and neutral which reflects a relaxed and mature atmosphere. The choice of the background color also enhances the features of the resort because there is less distraction and attention is drawn to the pictures being presented. Upon entering the website there is a series of pictures showing this place is geared for romance and the resort creates the right atmosphere to make this happen. On each one of the pictures there is wording to reinforce that this is the perfect place to rekindle the romance between couples.

BeachesUpon entering the Beaches website, the consumer is can see the resort has been voted "World's Best" nine years in a row. Having this designation placed at the top of the...