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Website Analysis:

The Internet is a tool used widely in today's society and has become a useful tool for many organizations to stay connected to their customers around the world. One such website is has been put together by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Their website,, is a website that brings many of the tools needed to find a new home. The website offers one-stop shopping for home buyers. This paper analyzes from a customer's perspective through highlighting the website's attributes.

Ease of Use is a website created for consumers that are looking to purchase a home, rent a home or apartment, seek relocation services or need financing for a new or existing mortgage. The website includes advertisements, various calculators, and tips on finding a home and moving. For easy navigation, there is a tabbed area for the consumers to find what they are looking for in a quick and precise manner.

The website also offers a feature where a consumer can create an account. The account allows the consumers to save their searches and the property profiles they are interested in to return at a later date. Furthermore, information is provided in bright colors and links which helps make the website easy to use.

Availability of information offers consumers a convenient, one-stop source, online database of everything that has to do with a home. The website currently offers home buyers more than 2 million homes for sale (NAR, 2006a). The search options include the price, location, and the number of bathrooms and bedrooms needed in the home. Furthermore when selecting the homes listed, photos and virtual tours are available to help narrow the search for the consumer. However, if the search is unsuccessful, the website also offers a local realtor finder to help...