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Our bookstore website has been designed for the purpose of selling a variety of books, periodicals, journals, audio books based on the information our team collects from the free chat rooms and bulletin boards we will offer on the website. It is our intention to offer the products that readers from around the world want to read and hopefully, purchase from our site while offering a "Starbucks" style experience when it comes to the atmosphere of our chat rooms and bulletin boards. Our website will target those customers who seek special books or other reading material that may not be accessible at a physical bookstore located in his or her local area. (2007) mentions that there are many common steps in designing a website, but some are different once the purpose of the site has been determined. We will also target those customers who seek the convenience of our 24/7 shopping hours, and a virtually unlimited selection of books, and our policy that if we do not have the book they want our team will try to get it for our customers.

Our business model is based on our ability to reach these customers via the Internet and the World Wide Web by taping an almost unlimited customer base throughout the world. As an organization we will setup links at different websites to gain maximum exposure for our site using major search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Dogpile just to name a few. Our organization will also offer additional discounts on featured products if customers will complete the registration process on our website, and for new customer referrals. The success of our online bookstore will be based on how well we manage the many different resources that we will have available by marketing our product in an online...