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I evaluated the website, The evaluation criteria were aesthetics, design, navigation and layout, and technical features and use. For basic users, Google is well thought out and easy to use. However, access to its more advance features has an inconsistent interface and poor navigation. In all aspects of its search capabilities though, Google is at the top of its class.


The home page is mostly white space, which immediately centers the viewer's attention on the search box. The main page is not too flashy, and the brightly colored Google logo at the top creates an easily recognizable Internet site.

The main page is done entirely in blues on white background. This makes it easy to read, and pleasant to look at. Google makes use of primary colors to accent paid for links and different categories.

The use of color to focus your attention on different parts of the site is really well done.

For example, the blue shading of the Advanced Search page lets you know the basic information you have to fill out, while the white background denotes optional information.

Design, Navigation and Layout

The Google website is designed around its Internet search capabilities. This functionality is presented front and center at the home page. The home page is the primary means of navigation throughout the site, and serves as a basic site map. This is useful since nearly everything you want to access is one or two clicks away. The downside is that you frequently need to return to the home page to get to other sections of the site.

There were some problems with uniformity. The page layout varies from page to page:

Advertise with Us page has a Home and All About Google link at the top

Business Solutions page has no...