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Customer and Market Segment This site has been well-designed to appeal to the serious shopper as well as the casual consumer. The casual browser will find enough information, coupled with eye-catching graphics and visuals, to hopefully be persuaded to visit their local dealership to look at Infiniti's offerings.

Infiniti buyers overall tend to live in one area for ten years, keep their vehicles well-maintained, equate foreign makes with higher quality, and enjoy traveling and staying at resorts. They also tend to be somewhat older and well-educated with higher incomes. Some features of various Infiniti models that appeal to this group are leather seating, HomeLink Universal Tranceivers, heated seats, microfilter ventilation systems, and Bose audio systems.

Specific Demographics: QX4 Buyers Buyers of traditional SUV's are growing older and earning more. When replacing their SUV, they seek luxury vehicles that have the same capabilities, but with more luxury and prestige. They appreciate the ruggedness and all-terrain capability, but also want luxury, comfort, and style.

Compared to buyers of competitive vehicles, QX4 buyers are more likely to have children at home, already own another SUV, and have multiple cars in their household. The Infiniti prospect is in their peak earning years but still wants to be adventurous and youthful. Minivan buyers need the practicality of a minivan, whereas a luxury SUV buyer wants a vehicle that supports their interests and emotional needs-a lifestyle versus a lifestage. A QX4 buyer tends to participate heavily in sports, attend sports events, enjoys travel and going out, fine food, reading, and keeping abreast of the latest styles and trends.

QX4 Buyers- Female 23% Male 77% QX4 slide goes here Married 84% Children at home 37% Median age 48 Median income $154,000 College graduate 81% Professional/managerial 74% The LSUV allows a mental escape from the daily pressures of...