Website Design Success – Well or Poorly

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AbstractThe Web Design VCT/310 assignment has presented the opportunity explaining how important a website design is the success of a website. The research results are primarily from internet and online articles resources. The research results exhibit the advantages of a well design and disadvantages of a poor web design.

Website Design Success - Well or PoorlyHow important is website design? Professional website should appeal to the client or customers. A poorly designed website will cost you deals, sales or money. An attractive or good-looking website that obtains no traffic (hits) and makes no money might is the same as a poor website. Good design allows the website designer to bond with the audience without them even realizing it. The fundamental nature of good web site design is to deliver your company or business point in a proportionate and delicate fashion within the construction set out by your company needs.

"Having a website is a great way for your business to connect with new customers.

Unfortunately while building a website has brought instant success for some businesses, it has the potential to be an absolute disaster for others. Poor website design is often the primary reason for a website's failure. This is because it fails to engage the user", (Melbourne IT).

What Visitors Really Look AtVisitors first evaluate a site's overall design, including its use of multimedia. Beau Brendler, director of Consumer Web Watch noted: "While consumers say they judge on substance, these studies demonstrate that consumers judge on aesthetics, and get distracted by bells and whistles." So, after spending all this time developing great, valuable content that visitors can't find anywhere else on the Web, does this mean nothing matters but a cool color scheme and fancy flash animation? Fortunately, it doesn't. The Stanford study noted specifically that while...