Website Infrastructure: Pokey's Bar and Restaurant

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E-Business InfrastructureThere is a need for businesses today to take advantage of e-business in order to achieve their organizational goals and objectives. The world market is competitive; consequently for any business organization to achieve a market share for its goods and services, it must develop a well enhanced e-business infrastructure in order to reach a wider market. Cost of business operations is greatly reduced by use of an E-Business since customer support costs are lowered and customers are able to serve themselves at a convenient time (McConnell Associates, 2000).

In the case of Pokey’s Bar and Restaurant which has a live music venue and serves as bar and restaurant, it should take advantage of e-business in order to reduce costs of operation and increase client base. Pokey’s must incorporate all the required infrastructure in its website in order to ensure it is in a position of coping up with e-business demand.

Businesses with websites often fail to meet the needs of the target market do not adequately take into consideration all the requirements of e-business infrastructure, thereby, their e-business fail to meet their demand.

Some of the required technical infrastructures for e-business include:•Hardware•Software•Technology of Internet and server•Security solutions•Intranets•Extranets•Myriad of applications•Supply chain management that is integrated.

•Business intelligence (Optima Media Group, 2006)As for Pokey’s Bar and Restaurant, it should be aware that infrastructure is more than technology therefore, it should be well considered before implementation. They should be aware that infrastructure includes;•A number of sources that would supply platform services of technology.

•All the skills and expertise that may be required in order to deliver technology of infrastructure.

•All the processes that would be required to manage the entire infrastructure.

•It involves all the necessary investments that would be needed for better operations and functioning of the entire IT infrastructure...