The Wedding

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The Wedding He searched for her frantically as he walked down the airport hallway. Did she forget that I was arriving today he asked himself, as he scanned the area once more. In the distance he heard his name... someone was calling him. The voice was so very familiar... Amy? He turned and there she stood, a few metres away from him. She was more beautiful in person than the photos she had sent him. Her eyes, her long hair, her smile...

He awaited this day with child like impatience for the last 6 years that they had been writing each other. They had been through so much during those 6 years, both experienced the loss of loved ones, shared their inner most secrets and rejoiced in each others successes. In this time, their relationship had developed into something far greater that they had ever expected. He remembered how they used share their teenage dreams with each other...

and he wanted to cry, but he didn't. He didn't want to spoil the moment.

They were "grown ups" now, no more kids, and she was going to marry in about a week. Things were going to be different he wished they weren't! He walked towards her slowly, hoping that this was no dream.

My sweet dear Amy, how my heart longed for this day. I dreamt of this day, I rehearsed what I was going to say to you...yet now I am speechless.

She smiled at him, extending her arms.

He wrapped himself in her arms, holding her closely to him.

I promised you that this day would come, did I not? I wouldn't miss your wedding for the world! She said nothing, just tightened her arms around him.

And there they stood, in each others arms for what seemed...