Wedding of Zein by Tayeb Salih and its portrayal of women.

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In the Wedding of Zein written by Tayeb Salih, the portrayal of women in my opinion changes through out the story. They start off being the slaves of the man's power by adapting that one man has the power to get them married if he falls in love with them. From that, the same man wanted this one woman who was independent, smart, and could careless about what people thought of her. To that same women who had the courage and will to go up to this man with powers and ask for his hand in marriage.

I think that its first important to characterize Zein, who plays a very important role in the story as well as in this essay. Zein is sort of a "holy fool" in his little village. He is not exactly crazy, or foolish, but is clearly peculiar. He seems to promote laughter and good feelings wherever he goes, although sometimes this is at his own expense.

Many of the villagers laugh at him and with him. Not only was he the most peculiar in town, he also was believed to have special powers that would marry any women he would fall in love with. Zein has his eyes on numerous women through out the book. He would be obsessed with all of him until his love would be transferred to another heart. He was a "broker, a salesman, or a postman" of love. His powers are explained in the book by his close friendship with Haneen, a pious man who is "wholly dedicated to his religious devotions". Zein also undergoes a transformation from village clown to responsible and even modern member of the community.

At the beginning of the, young women at very much encouraged by their mother's to go after Zein, who...