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1 The Difference between if we Legalize it and decriminalize it are that , if we legalize it then adults and kids could just go out side and smoke marijuana as like they were cigarettes. Were as decriminalize is that you would still get into trouble if you had got found with marijuana you would just get a find instead of a criminal record, sort of like speeding.


For Against

Americans:four million regularly - use marijuana more frequently than they do all other illegal drugs combined. They are no more criminals than people who like to have a drink to relax after work.

Gateway Drug?: Nearly all heroin users were originally marijuana smokers. In 1988, a National Institute on Drug Abuse survey found that marijuana smokers are thirty times more likely to use cocaine than those who've never smoked it.

Prices: When corn sells for a few dollars a bushel and pot goes for $70,000 a bushel, guess which one cash-strapped midwestern farmers are going to grow? Add to this the fact that you don't exactly need a green thumb to grow basic varieties of marijuana, and the choice gets even easier.

Problems with mind and family: Drug use causes serious problems in society: accidents, lost productivity on the job, and wrecked families. Legalizing marijuana will make things worse.

Health Reasons: Compared with cigarettes and alcohol, the health risks and societal costs associated with even chronic marijuana use are mild. Yet we don't ban those items, while we deny marijuana to seriously ill people who could get a lot of relief from it. This is misguided and cruel.

Safer: Drug Lords and penny dealers deserve to be in jail were they belong, marijuana is just another basic drug that lords make money off of.

3 I think...