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Supply Chain Management - Portable Wireless Speakers

University of Phoenix

CMGT 556/Enterprise Models

August 12, 2013

Portable Wireless Speakers by JLL Incorporated

Established in 2013 out of Reston, Virginia. JLL developed and designed one of the best Portable Wireless Speakers systems on the market now with Bluetooth technology. It is a sleek, wireless audio device available in small (40 watts), medium (90 watts) and large (120 watts) speaker size and sound output. It provides a hassle-free, high quality sound system that is portable and provides dynamic sound from almost anywhere. The Bluetooth technology can connect safely to Apple or Android smartphones, to include tablets or any other Bluetooth-ready device while providing better sound quality than the traditional speaker system. The internal, rechargeable battery provides up to 8 hours of continuous battery operation for portable use and endless at-home operation with an optional AC-Adaptor.

This paper will discuss the Supply Chain Management process and management features as it pertains to JLL's portable wireless speakers, to include SCM implementation and solutions.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)


JLL Inc. contracted two vendors to do business with; iPhillips Plastic Molding based out of Philadelphia, PA., and Worthington Speakers Plastics Molding, based out of Kansas City, KS. Both companies have been around for 15 years. iPhillips Plastic Molding has a great reputation for creating quality custom molding for a variety of small companies. They recently acquired a 3D printer which allows them to work more intimately with our designs as JLL integrates manufacturing, modifications, and parts assembly from our other vendors and wholesalers. Worthington Speakers Plastic Molding manufactures low and high-end speakers to both consumers and manufacturing facilities. JLL Inc. has its own manufacturing and product assembly warehouse in...