Week 4 Summary

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Week 4 Summary

I have heard of advocacy and mediation from TV shows and work. But I did not know how complex the work can be to advocate or mediate for a client. I got a better understand of this with the first discussion question. We had to outline how we would mediate a gun case. I gave a general outline of how I would take a neutral approach to the case and provide a friendly environment for the clients. However, through the discussions, I have learned, it will take more than just a neutral approach. I would have to apply more than one mediation approach to have a successful mediation outcome. Being a mediator involves a lot of critical thinking, evaluating, and keeping ones personal opinions from influencing the decisions.

I have also learned about the complexities of a human service worker integrating mediation with advocacy. I have tried to find ways for a human service worker to play both roles, advocate and mediator.

However, it was difficult because the main concern is conflict of interest. The close relationship the human service worker has with their client and their boss can prevent them from mediating fairly. Each side may try to influence the human service worker's decision; because of that this is why it becomes a conflict of interest.