The weight of water: a few original poems

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If Only… If I only had a brain, the sameness of this game Wouldn't be enough to cause of this kind of pain If I only had a heart, I'd know right from the start What it means to have it break If I only had a soul, I wouldn't mind the toll I wouldn't mind the growing gray nor would I growing old It is easy to feel that life isn't real Simply an elaborate game We play in a range, hoping for change In the end the game remains the same But it's the only life we've got So I think it matters not Whether it be ruse or it be real I'd better start to feel, be it ruse or be it real Before my lost soul is fully sold I need an irreverent bitch Who fills my voided niche Who tells me what needs to be told Self reliant, fantastic and totally drastic These are the things I desire Scheming, screaming and unwarranted drama Are not the things that I admire And for my own sake Oh please, May I separate the real thing from the fake? In this way redemption might be found, My consequences would not hound, My faith surely would be sound In this way I say, Redemption might be found