Weimar Germany

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Kayleigh Reynolds

Weimar Germany

The importance of the Munich Putsch was that it had failed, leading to the disbanding of the Nazi party and incarceration of Hitler. Hitler was also band from writing or speaking in public, for trying to overthrow the Weimar government to gain control. It became an infamous event and the attempt of eliminating the Nazi party didn't work as news of the putsch spread quickly, ensuring more followers of the extremist Nazi party . The trial was in favour of Hitler, due to the judge being on the same side of the political spectrum, meaning he only served a shocking 9 months and was allowed guests. Being treated as a guest himself. He also wrote a book 'mein kampf' (my struggle) favouring extremism and hatred for Jews.

The Weimar Republic faced many problems, one being the fact Germany was in a bitter state, not wanting to agree to the treaty of Versailles.

And when their new government did agree, they felt betrayed. The extremist group had other reasons for wanting to overthrow this new government; one reason being that Hitler wanted a dictatorship which is difficult when the country is a republic, he also didn't like the fact of equality in the democracy. With women and men of all classes having a vote. Especially the Jews. Other problems that faced the Weimar were the various uprising from extremist groups, one being a Spartacist revolt. Considered a terrorist organisation with their leader as Rosa Luxembourg, the revolts were quickly eliminated by the government due to the lack of organisation in the divisions. The fact that Germany also had to pay reparations to the allies infuriated the German people as they believed they had done nothing wrong, the total sum being over 6 billion was an enormous amount...