The Weimar Republic

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The Weimar Republic was formed shortly after World War 1 by the victorious allied powers. The allies believed it was necessary to set up a new government in Germany. This new government was plagued by social, political, and economical problems. The country was constantly in conflict with itself due to the fighting between the Left and Right wings of the government. Try to expand your sentences. They are mostly 'subject verb object'. The President of this new state was given too much power, along with the army. The country fell into disarray when the French invaded to try and force Germany to pay reparations which caused massive hyperinflation. These problems plagued the Weimar Republic from its creation.

The main social problems in the Weimar republic were caused by the conflict between Communist left wing and the Fascist right wing. The Fascists were in control of the army and therefore were in control of the country.

The left wing had more support among the industrial workers. When the industry went on strike, the whole country would shut down and there would be massive tension between the factions there.

Those on the left - communists and the like - had no respect for the government and the success of Lenin in Russia had boosted their self-belief. Those on the right - former soldiers still bitter about the Armistice and the defeat in the war - also had no respect for the government as it had 'betrayed' them. Royalists, who wanted the Kaiser back, had no respect for the government as it had been the Social Democrats who had told the Kaiser to abdicate.

The people were divided and often fought amongst themselves because of the tensions between them. The politicians for the Right and Left wing each tried to gain the support...