The Weimar Republic and its problems

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The Weimar Republic created in 1919 cannot be said to be doomed from the beginning but the combination of factors and circumstances lead it's fall. The people in Germany were leaving in misery and blamed it all on the Government for signing the Treaty of Versailles. Anger and disputes among the population altered the beginning of a big tension in Germany. The main problems facing the Weimar Republic were the Government's instability, the Treaty of Versailles and the wall Street Crash.

The Government was very instable and weak. Oppositions came from two opposing sides, the right and left wing. The left wing were the Spartacist or also called the Communist party which were created because the people didn't have respect for the government and its success. They wanted peace and to stabilize the state they were leaving in. Mainly led by Luxemburg and Liebknecht . The right wing instead were the Kapp Putsh or also called the Nazi party which were mostly created to fulfill the will of people which didn't like the Communist Party nor the Government but most of all which were burning in anger for the Treaty of Versailles.

Politicians were killed by the right wing and most known Rathenau Germany's Foreign Minister which signed the Treaty of Versailles. This became a very serious problem in 1930-1933 when people after let down twice by the Government turned to the side of the Nazi party making it more powerful and competitive with the Communist party. The votes were equal in the election stating that every 7 years the people could vote to change their leader if not satisfied with what they have and see. This meant that the state would divide and create fear of a civil war among the two wings. The people knew they had...