A Weird Life - PART 2

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I waited at the front of the school, wondering if the mistress would pick me up today. I had called my mother 'the mistress' for as long as I could remember. She had told me to call that when I was young, although it seemed as if it had been a lifetime since I first heard the mistress command me to do that.

The mistress usually didn't come, and I ended up walking the long journey home which would take 40 minutes by car. Although it was hard and tiring, I still went home so that I could live. I preferred walking the trip home, rather than taking taxi rides as they stunk like shit.

Everyone around me said that I was 'lucky' to have someone like the mistress as my mother. When in public together (however rare) I called her 'Mum' and said that I walked home only for the exercise claiming that I had started to put on weight even though I was actually quite slim.

When I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw a girl with beautiful brown, wavy hair with dark eyes and tanned skin staring back at me. That was just the outside though, but deep inside, my heart ached with pain and it was almost too much for me to bear. I needed the love and attention from a caring mother than anything else in the world. My heart was like a black-shaped box always staying in the shadows.

Surprisingly, more boys liked me as a person than girls. Part of the reason was jealously, but I didn't believe that that was the entire reason. The boys didn't really care whether I was the daughter of a famous actor, or whether I was a poor girl who lived on the streets; they took me for who I was. My three closest friends, Michael, Peter and Rossie, were the few people who I could tell all my secrets to. They knew about what the mistress was really like to me, but they did not pity me. I would rather someone hate me than pity me, so they decided to be happy for me about it, as they could be my guardian angels. Even though I said that they were all my guardian angels, I believed that the true angel was Peter. He stood up for me and was constantly on guard to see if anyone was teasing or bullying me. He went through all the tough times with me, spending hours every night after school talking to each other and solving each others' problems together by mobile. The mobile costs were one of the few of the many things that the mistress didn't care about...She didn't care what I did, just so long as I was out of her way, everything was fine.

As it was an hour after the bell had rung, I knew that the mistress would not come today as usual. She would most probably be in Florida or some other American country at the moment anyway.

As I walked home, I passed many familiar faces, and I greeted each and every individual with a different greeting, just to see how many I knew. This was one of the few ways I passed time. Another way was just to call my friends by mobile, and chat to them. They would happily talk to me, as I was a good listener and enjoyed talking very much. Most people though that I had learnt my good manners from the mistress, but surprisingly enough, I had only become like that because I knew what it was like to be ignored and what bullying could do to you. When the mistress had first started yelling at me and making me vomit, I almost suicided because of the desire to stop all of the pain, but Rossie, Michael and Peter were always there for me -counting on me- so I couldn't bring myself to do it. When I heard others talking about how hard their lives were, I realised that the mistress wasn't the only person who did those kinds of things to innocent people. Some people's mothers were worse than the mistress, so whenever I felt upset because of her, I always thought to myself, "There are always people who are worse off than me so I should be happy for who I am." After thinking those kinds of thoughts, I would calm down and would realise that I wasn't in a life or death situation.

As I thought about things on the way back home, I decided to call Rossie today. She was talkative and never rejected my calls. The ringing tone stopped almost as soon as it began, and we began to chat.

"Hey, Rossie. What's up?" I said. I waited for the usual reply she gave me, and it came.

"Sky! Duh!" she exclaimed, laughing at her own joke.

"I'm very bored today. Do you want to come out and go watch a movie?" I asked.

"Umm...Sure! Where are you right now?"

"On my way home. I'm actually in front of the shopping centre, so come whenever. Let's watch Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest," I replied.

"I'll be there soon!"

The click sounded when Rossie hung up. I bought the tickets to Pirates of the Caribbean II and waited, chewing on some popcorn. I went eye-shopping and found a new mobile that I liked, so I bought one of them and bought some matching accessories to go along with it. By the time I had walked back to the cinema, Rossie had arrived and bought lollies and other junk food, as well as frozen cokes for each of us to slurp on while watching the movie. We entered Cinema 10 just as the movie began. I had wanted to watch this as soon as it had come out, but I could never be bothered.

The movie was a suspenseful one, and left me wanting to watch the next movie. I usually watched most movies before they came out here by flying Rossie, Peter and Michael with me to America. Because the mistress was so famous, and was just about as rich as Bill Gates, she could request anything she wanted that was available.

I decided to buy Rossie some things while we were out. Although Rossie wasn't doing badly herself, I enjoyed buying her things, like toys, stationery and things like that.

"What would you like today, Rossie?" I asked.

"I don't mind..."

"Well...didn't you say that you needed a new camera the other day? We'll buy one now." Rossie was bad at deciding what to do, but I asked her anyway, just in case.

When we entered Camera House, almost everyone looked up and smiled at us.

"Please give us the most best camera that you own, please." I said. The manager, who was there at the time, picked out his personal favourite. I examined it, and found out the reason why he liked it so much. It was a nice camera which was small, but took very accurate and sharp photos. It also had many other features such as the 'blur' tool and so on. Although Rossie insisted that I not get it, it was a good camera and well worth the price. I bought it for her, and decided to sleep over that night. Rossie's parents did not mind when I did that, as they thought that I got lonely being home by myself, which was not true of course; I felt at peace when the mistress was away, but I usually slept over at someone else's place anyway.

While at Rossie's house, I received an unexpected call from the mistress.

"WHERE ARE YOU?" she yelled. I was shocked. It was unusual for the mistress to be so irritated when I wasn't home, and she never spoke loudly into the phone, as she knew that sometimes, people around me would look around and start thinking the wrong ideas about her.

"At Rossie's. Why?" I replied casually.

"I want to know because you should be home being a good girl, instead of making me look like a careless parent! Don't you care about how others think of our family?" I suddenly understood. The media had said something about our family...But what did that change? We were constantly getting weird reports...

"Frankly, mistress, it seems that I don't care! And stop badgering me with these kinds of questions. Perhaps you should be home more often if you want to even be qualified to be a good parent!" I was shocked at my courage. I never stood up to the mistress like that, but the anger boiling inside me made me express my feelings to her.

"How dare you speak to me like that?! You are such an ignorant child, who doesn't know how to be grateful. You should be thanking me for all the effort I've put in to raise you!" came the mistress' loud voice. 'Put in what effort?' I wondered to myself. I hung up on her. Hearing her voice would only make me even more annoyed. I decided to sleep in Rossie's brother's room tonight, as he was out and it was cooler there; the breeze came from that side.

After I bid goodnight, I entered the room. Rossie's brother, John, knew me well and my situations; in fact, he tries to help me sometimes.

I lay in his large bed, thinking of what my mother would be thinking right now. My thoughts made me laugh, and I calmed down slowly. I was tired, but it was always fun to see how late I could stay up. I was about to start my stopwatch, but before I knew it, my arm had flopped onto the bed and my eyelids drooped.

In the morning, I felt something warm next to me. 'That's weird' I thought. I sat up in the bed, and waited until everything looked clear. I almost screamed when I saw a hand sticking up on the bed, until I realised that John had come home and was sleeping on the floor. I jumped off the bed, and pulled John onto the bed, so that he could sleep soundly.

As I entered the kitchen, I was greeted by a warm 'Hello' from Mrs Lee. I enjoyed sleeping over at Rossie's house the most, as everyone greeted each other nicely here no matter how bad the relationship was between each other. In other words, you would think that this is just one lucky family who never gets mad at each other. As I sat at the table, Rossie came out of her room and we greeted each other. Mrs Lee had cooked egg, rice and fish for breakfast. Much better than what I usually ate- Ramen; instant noodles. I picked up my chopsticks and examined the pictures that were drawn on it by John. He had made these chopsticks especially for me a while ago, because as children, we used to play together and I came here often. He decided to make me a part of their family. I used them to pick up some fish, and took a bite. It was scrumptious, and I complimented Mrs Lee on her cooking. Suddenly, Mr Lee and John emerged from their rooms at the same time. We all nodded our heads towards them, as it was rude to talk with your mouth full. I chewed slowly, thinking about last night. The call from the mistress had been more than unusual. There was something terribly wrong. Otherwise, why would the mistress have gone totally over the top like that? The media usually didn't bother us much.

After breakfast, I was driven to school with Rossie by Mr Lee on his was to work. Rossie's car, a slick black BMW, was so smooth that it made you think that it was floating on top of the road. It was an enjoyable feeling, and smelt good, like new paint.

When we arrived, we went to our lockers, which were beside each other and noticed Peter and Michael walk towards us urgently. I secretly laughed inside my head, as they looked as if they were really busting to go to the toilet. They ran up to us, and gave me a massive hug.

"What's up?" I said. Instead of the usual 'sky' reply, they shouted, "We won!! We won!!" I had no idea what he was talking about, as I had not entered any competitions recently and nor had Rossie, Mike or Peter...Well, not that I knew of.

"We won?" asked Rossie. It seemed that she didn't have any more knowledge of what was going on than I did.

"Yeah, we won! We won a trip to America!" I didn't know what the fuss was about. I could have booked flights for them to go there if they wanted to, and they could meet anyone they wanted to, too.

"What's so good about that? I could have done that for you myself. So what's so special?" I said.

"Jeez...You really don't know, do you?!" exclaimed Peter. Both Rossie and I shook our heads.

"Hehe...We won...the awards for best couples! Haha we entered the competition as a joke, but we ended up winning both first and second place. Now, we have to go to an awards ceremony, and we will be the new idols of America!" said Peter.

"Umm...Peter, who did you put together?" I asked nervously. These things caused a lot of gossip, but I wanted to know about it before others did...After all, I at least deserved to know who I was supposedly dating, right?

"Well..." Mike said uneasily.

"I'm with you, Liz, and Rossie is with Mike. Great couples, huh?" said Peter, before Michael could put in another word. My mouth (as well as Rossie's) fell wide open, and I thought that our jaws were almost about to hit the ground. Even though Peter was my angel, Mike wasn't Rossie's. Rossie fancied a handsome boy called Jay Chou, who was in Year 12; a year level higher than us.

"Are you crazy? Why did you do that? Why did you even enter that stupid competition in the first place?" I screamed in Peter's face. He seemed shocked. Everyone around us was now looking at us strangely, as if we were aliens that had just landed on Earth.

"Look, it was just a joke, okay? We can call it off if you really want to...But..."said Peter.

"But what? Okay, I guess we can go through it this once, but don't ever do it again, understand?" I snarled, with menace in my voice. "When do we have to leave Australia?" I asked, changing the tone of my voice.

"Well...Actually...If we don't go soon, we'll miss the plane," said Michael with urgency in his voice. My friends ran off, but I stood silently for a while, feeling very faint, but decided to go along with them anyway.