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Multnomah County contains 20% of Oregon's population, yet it is the smallest county in Oregon geographically. It is the smallest but most populated because of the high density in Portland and the surrounding cities. The citizens of East County are known for their determined work ethic as well as conservative and independent thinking. Over 146,000 people live in East County which includes all the area from 148th street in East Portland to the fish hatchery and from the Columbia River south to the Multnomah / Clackamas county line. District four hosts Mt. Hood Community College as well as six public high schools, and thirty-eight public middle and elementary schools providing education for 35, 800 school age children. There are also three public libraries, two community centers and over 140 places of worship. East County is a diverse population which includes people from all parts of the globe. Thirty-seven different languages are spoken in district four.

There are roughly 6,500 businesses in East County. More than 150 companies provide work for over 100 employees each. Service industries account for 32% of the jobs in our district, while the retail trades provide 22% of the work and manufacturing and construction about 14%. There are over 5,000 small businesses in East County, employing less than 25 people each. These small businesses in district 4 benefit from the pro-business attitude of all the cities. In addition there is an excellent and growing transit system, a strong infrastructure in Gresham (the fourth largest city in the state) and lower property and operational costs. Business and industry also benefit from the support and promotion of three business associations and the chambers of commerce of Gresham and Troutdale.

Multnomah County, above all is a Democratic territory just like the state itself with 212,723 out of...