"Welcome to the Kingdom of Morocco" General information about the African country/kingdom.

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Welcome to the Kingdom Of Morocco.

In the northwestern corner of Africa lies a country bordered by the Mediterranean Sea on the north and the Atlantic Ocean on the west. Along its coast lie fertile plains and across the country are stretches of forested mountains. This country is Morocco.

The estimated population (in 2004) of Morocco is about 32 063 000. These people are split into two distinct ethnic groups; those being Arab and Berber (depending on whether they speak Arabic or Berber). Since Islam is Morocco's official religion, approximately 98% of Moroccans are Muslims. The other 2% consists of Christians and Jews.

The official language of Morocco is Arabic. Not only is it spoken by Arabs but it is also a second language to many Berbers. A large number of both ethnic groups also speak Spanish or French (mostly because France and Spain controlled Morocco from the early 1900's until it won independence in 1956).

Morocco's national flag was officially adopted in 1915. It features a red background with a five-pointed green star on it. The green star is also in the country's coat of arms. The coat of arms shows the Atlas Mountains, two lions, a crown and a sun. The Arabic inscription at the bottom reads, If You Assist God, He Will Also Assist You.

In Morocco, the literacy rate is a mere 50%. Since elementary and secondary education is free there, you might expect more. But, even though children are required to attend six years of school, not all of them do. Most rural boys stay at home to help their families farm the land. Also, most parents place less value on education for girls than boys.