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Tired of going to the same old place for vacation? Are you looking fora new adventure... why not give Togo a try???

Look inside for more information.

Welcome to Togo. It is one of the most intrigue countries in Africa. It has many beautiful places to visit and many breathtaking sites to see. This country will make a nice vacation and will give you an adventure you won't forget. This brochure will provide you with more information on Togo.

wHeRe Is ToGo???... wHaT Is It LiKe???

Togo is a small country in Western Africa. It is located between Ghana and Benin, and borders Burkina Faso to the north of it and Gulf of Guinea to the south of it. The size of this country is slightly smaller than the state of West Virginia, making it possible for visitors to tour the whole country. Togo has six different geographical regions.

Its coastal area is flat and sandy, has many palm trees, beautiful beaches and lagoons, and luxurious resorts. This is perfect for honeymoons or a relaxing family vacation.

North of the coastal region are the plateaus. This area contains a strange feature that is very fascinating, is its red soil. It is call a terre de barre region. The plateaus then rise to a higher tableland and into the mountain range. The Atakora Mountains and the Togo Mountains run diagonally across the country. This area contains numerous waterfalls and spectacular sceneries perfect for hiking and photography. North of the mountains lies the Oti River sandstone plateau, which is known as a savanna, and farther northwest is the granite rock area.

The climate in Togo varies as you travel to a different region. In the south by the coastal region, it is hot and humid, with an average temperature...