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YOUR NAME HERE has worked with us in the Computer Servicing since DATE STARTED. She is on duty once a week carrying out a variety of administration tasks. She is punctual, professional and works well with the team and customers. She is always willing to tackle new tasks and adapt to our demands. We are a busy unit and her ability to be flexible has been important to us.

YOUR NAME HERE answers the telephone on a daily basis. She takes messages and either transfers the call or deals with the enquiry herself. This could be a customer asking for a quote or wanting to book a PC in for repair or a colleague asking to speak to one of our team. She will then transfer the call or take a message. If we are not available she will leave a message for us with the name of the person, their contact details and time of call.

If she needs to book a machine in for repair she will discuss the problem with us before booking it in for repair to see if we can fix the problem and to make sure there is sufficient storage space available at the time. She also makes calls to customers to let them know their machines are ready for collection. When she has done this she will then prepare the necessary invoices ready for their collection and payment when they come in. She always projects a positive image of our department and asks if there is something she does not understand.

She works on reception greeting customers and provides a professional service, aware that the image she projects is important if we are to get repeat custom. From time to time we have difficult clients who can be demanding and...