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For over 70 years now, poverty has become a big issue in our nation by having helpless people left out in the streets jobless with no shelter. These type of people are filed under a program called welfare. But should people on welfare have to work? That is something everyone needs to look at and ask themselves the same thing.

As said by the government, welfare is basically for the needy people who have no jobs or are disabled. Disabled or not I strongly believe that people on welfare should make the slightest effort to work. But others disagree saying that they are in welfare for a reason, to seek help, but many of them can work they just don't want to. What this does is that people on welfare take up money that can possibly go towards someone's education, health support, and many other things. This system all began when the Great Depression occurred where it left about ¾ homeless without a job.

This left the government to set up a program to help the needy people.

Now days about 40% of the people on welfare have the ability to work not including the other 50% who are the children. In my point of view the government has been giving away free money to people who don't need welfare as much as others. They are lucky it is even handed to them just to spend it on whatever they want. Not only do they get money, but also food stamps for food, and housing. And how fair is that to the people who really work everyday to at least keep themselves in good shape. As for the bills, that is also taken care of by the government. This is like a free ride through life for them where they...