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"Welfare must become a road to jobs, not a road to dependence. The 1996 welfare reform was a step in the right direction. The federal government should continue to hold down welfare spending and put strict limits on the recipients of welfare benefits."

I agree some somewhat with this statement. I feel that today, instead of just phasing out the welfare benefits, there should be something done in devising a plan for jobs. The cause of poverty can be an effect from the shortage of jobs with livable wages and benefits, not government programs or the behavior and values of the poor. "A successful anti-poverty program has to begin with a realistic assessment of the needs of the working poor. As long as many Americans don't have a good education, and the number of good-paying jobs is far smaller than the number of job seekers, millions of Americans will be impoverished (Public Agenda Online)."

In our world today, there seems to be a shortage of enough good-paying jobs that have many necessary benefits. As a result, how can you expect many people to be able to support themselves from these low paying, non-benefit jobs? An example of this can be seen in the movie "Ending Welfare As We Know It". In this movie, there are many examples of welfare recipients that try their hardest to find good jobs, but end up only being able to find Mc Jobs. Mc Jobs are jobs that are not well-paid, have a fast turn over, and have no benefits. An example from the video of a person having a Mc Job is Rebekah Phillips from Pensacola, Florida. She is a mother trying to support her four children after her abusive husband deserted their family. She welcomes welfare, but wishes...