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What if our welfare system was 100% efficient in how money was spent? Would there be poverty? All humans have the capability to make something of themselves, all it takes is effort and hard work. With some exceptions every single person out there has the capability to be and do what they want by working hard. But instead many people choose the lazy way out and live off of welfare. There a many ways in which our government could save money and help those that truly need help by reforming the welfare system. Also there are even more ways in which the government could spend that saved money. One of the largest issues is that people don't actually how much is spent on welfare each year, and who that money is actually going to. Although there are ways that are helping those that are abusing they're privileges. Although with all of this our welfare system still needs to be reformed.

Social welfare is a major issue in today's society. Billions are spent and given away to millions of people each year by means of cash and food stamps. "In fiscal year 2000 (the last year for which combined information on social welfare expenditures from all sources is available) federal, state, and local governments spent about $1.01 trillion on social welfare programs" (www.bookrags.com) Why is there a need to spend such a large quantity of money such as this on social welfare? Are there really that many people out there that truly need this money? Figures show that approximately 15.8 million people are currently accepting welfare. It is almost certain that many of these people are truly in need of aid. Meaning those that work very hard at trying to make ends meet, but still are in need of help.