Welfare in Australia

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Reading 24 Weeks, W (2000), "reflections on Social Work and Human Service Theory and Practice with Families and communities", Chapter 10, in Weeks & Quinn, M (eds), Issues Facing Australian Families: Human Services Respond, Frenchs Forest: Longman

1. Describe your understanding of the "human services" industry, including your own interest in the area.

My perceived understanding of Human Services is as basic as described in topic one, Introduction to Human Services, "activities that focus on helping people live better lives" (Mehr 2001, p2).

My understanding of the industry provision of these services though is ever evolving with constant change in local, state and federal authorities. This change is provoked by community expectations, which the government of the day interpret as social policy within a political agenda.

In Australia the human services industry provides a complex network of services that extends to cover clinical and community based services with government and private resources.

These services include physical and mental health services, family and children's services, youth services, services to the aged, persons with disabilities and carers, housing and supported accommodation, emergency financial relief, and other services targeted at disadvantaged or vulnerable populations.

These services are often developed by independent stakeholders with a common goal to work together to achieve better outcomes within the community that encompass social justice principles. The value of the human services industry is constantly under evaluation by the community at large

While these principles may change in delivery mechanism to the community by the authoritative body of the day the underlying basis is the fabric of our Australian community.

My interest in human services is in my immediate community assisting young adolescents that are exposed to the court system because of a criminal offence. Having...