Welfare reform in America

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Welfare Reform

Welfare as seen by conservative America is a hand out to the poor. It creates

a cycle wherein children of families on welfare continue dependency on the

welfare their parents depended on to raise them. But, is conservative America

setting the blame on the right shoulders? Are there enough adequate living-wage

job opportunities to take care of America's poverty stricken masses?

Will the cycle of poverty end with a poor, single mother working a job at

McDonalds to support her children instead of gaining welfare benefits? I

answer no to all these question and firmly believe that welfare reform is

heading toward a major catastrophe.

The current large number of people on welfare is not due to the laziness

of the poor but to three major factors:

1) The top heavy distribution wealth in the U. S.of A. today.

2) The amount of teenage pregnancies and children born into poverty, or potential poverty situations.

3)Schooling systems must change to accommodate the work forces needs.

These are definately not the only factors affecting welfare, but in my mind are

the major factors. I will also discuss a couple of my ideas for making funds

available for families that need it.

Firstly, the distribution of wealth in the U.S. is astonishingly top heavy.

Considering all assets, in 1989 the richest one percent of the population

controls 39 percent of America's total household wealth. Whereas in financial

wealth alone the top one percent controls 48 percent. Also, in regards to

income, The top one percent garners 8-9 percent of total income(1).

This gap continues to grow between the rich and middle to poor net

wealth and income. The new American aristocracy pushes down wages for

middle and lower class Americans, creating more of a need for government...