Welfare system Vs homeless

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Ngan Nguyen

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How Does The United States Assist the Homelessness?

When I did the interview essay, my interviewee said that "The homelessness is an immense problem that will be never ended." Now, I am doing the research essay, I also find the information that the number of homeless continue to soar on the last decay. Even though, the government was providing food, health care, and housing that help people who were living below middle class, and people who cannot afford their housing do not become homeless, there are still many homeless on the street. I am exciting to explore why the number of homeless continues to increase, how the welfare state supports to homeless, and what solutions for homeless.

Since the Great Depression, the image of homelessness has changed. Today, homelessness include many kinds of people such as Veterans, the mentally ill, the physically disabled, elderly, women, runaway children, alcoholics, and people in trouble with drugs, and it continue to soar (Nguyen).

Homelessness is a people who sleep in the streets, parks, subways, and sidewalks. They are not also having house or any kind of shelter, and moving from place to place (Christian, Jennifer Howson and Alexandra). Welfare system is the program that assists to people who are unemployed or underemployed, and people who live below middle class. There are many programs that the welfare system covered, such as giving them monthly allowance, health care, food temp, WIC, and housing (Nguyen).

The Welfare State originated in Germany since the last quarter of the nineteenth century. There were many programs such as social insurance, public health, unemployment insurance, housing, infant health and child welfare (Dickinson). According to Boundless.com "The first Chancellor of Germany, created the modern welfare state by building on a tradition of welfare programs in...