"How well does Canberra, as the capitol, represent the history, culture and aspirations of Australia and Australians? "

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From the very beginning the capitol of Australia was designed on a phylisophical as well as a literal basis to represent the history,culture and aspirations of Australia. Being one of the three only capitol cities in the world that was planned beforehand, architect Walter Burley Griffin placed Capital Hill at the centre of Canberra as the physical and symbolic centre of the nation. Wide trees line that avenues that radiate from Capital Hill, each named after a State capital and pointing in the direction of that city. It is a beautiful and scenic captitol with its serene artificial lake that is the central focus of the city today and its uncluttered landscape which don't even have billboards.The monuments and sites itself within the capitol beautifully represent the history, culture and aspirations of Australia and all Australians as well as the changes in Australian society.

Just as Walter Burley Griffin has planned and placed the cultural institutions right in the heart of the captitol the trend has continued with the new National Museum of Australia being placed in the Parliamentary triangle, along with the National Library and National Gallery of Australia showing that Canberra is a firm believer of the value of culture.

These galleries and museums proudly display the best arts and culture of Australia throughout the ages, ranging from Aborigine Art of the dreamtime and priceless antique paintings at the National Gallery of Australia to Questacon Australia's leading interactive science and technology Centre. The capitol of Australia also is the home of The High Court, which is the highest court in the Australian judicial system.

Regarded as one of the most impressive war museums in the world, The Australian War Memorial and traces the history of Australia's fighting forces during the two World Wars and other conflicts. Drive...