Well I had to do 3 writing tasks for my assignment and one of them was an exposition showing for and against points about "Should South Park be shown on TV", the essay is about 550 words

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Should such a violent and swearing cartoon be shown on TV? South Park is a violent cartoon and kids are influenced by the show, but children aren?t even supposed to watch the show its rated MA 15+. There are important reasons for and against about this topic, those reasons will be discussed in this exposition.

One reason why South Park shouldn?t been shown on TV is because of all the bad language the cartoon produces. Nearly every word in South Park are swearing or are very violent, these words could influence children, maybe why children these days swear a lot is because they?ve been watching shows like South Park that contain swearing.

Perhaps another reason for this topic is the violence and dangerous things the show produces. South Park is based on Primary School students and they do violent stuff like swearing at adults and playing with knives, what if your children start doing these actions? That?s why this show should be banned and not shown on TV ever again.

South Park not only contains swearing and violence, it even offends people because of their sexuality and race. The show South Park offends gay people by the swearing and name calling that happens on the show and all the dirty stuff they do. The cartoon also discriminates people because of their color of their skin, their background and country they are from and because of their religion by making harmful jokes and actions.

A reason why South Park should allowed to be aired on TV is because of the time that the show is aired and because the show is rated for persons over 15 yrs. South Park is shown on TV usually around 9:30 pm when children should be asleep, it?s...