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Wendy's When we think Wendy's, we think of Dave Thomas the founder an older jolly looking man with a big square burger in his hand. Dave Thomas the founder of Wendy's started his square burger empire in 1969 to become the 3rd largest hamburger restaurant franchise. In my analysis of Wendy's, we are going to bring square burgers to the forefront and see why this simple variation in burger shape propelled Wendy's into a burger giant. Dave Thomas started Wendy's in 1969 with his first restaurant opening in Columbus Ohio, and from their started the Wendy's hamburger chain, we all know today. Thomas knew from his experience of owning a Kentucky Fried Chicken, menu variation was a key to success in the fast food business. Thomas developed a limited menu with larger square burgers where its edges protruded over the side of the round bun. This was just one of the distinct menu items Thomas used to distinguish his burgers from burger giant McDonalds. Wendy's also used various condiments, lettuce and tomato at customer disposable and even developed a dairy treat that other fast food restraint could not compete against. All these simple, but distinct differences has propelled Wendy's from a small burger joint with a niche to a competitor against McDonalds and other burger giants. Wendy's has enjoyed enormous growth in the US and Canada and other countries. Know the question is how will Wendy's be able to stay competitive in ever growing state of low margins and where people are starting to eat less red meat? With the domestic market saturated with fast food restaurants and more and more people becoming health consciousness how will Wendy's remain the leader in unique burgers, and keep growing the burger business? These question and others will be explored: What is...