Wendys vs. Mcdonalds

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I. Main Idea: Wendy's started from scratch in the large town in Ohio and now has over 6000 different locations.

A. Wendy's first restaurant opened on November 15 1969 in Columbus Ohio.

1. 1 year later the second Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers was opened on the other side of town.

2. The second Wendy's also displayed their first ever drive up window.

B. In 1976 Wendy's had its first public stock with 1 million common shares

for 28 dollars a share.

1. Wendy's spread to Canada in late 1976 to add the 500th Restaurant.

2. Today Wendy's has more than 6,000 restaurants in many different country's.

C. Longtime owner Dave Thomas died in 2002. His 13 year ad campaign that

he anchored was ended in 2002. Wendy's was without Dave Thomas for the first time in since it had been established

1. Wendy's is connected with five foundations and programs that give back to the community.

2. Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, Wendy's Championship

For Children, Wendy's High School Heisman. Wendy's Clasic Achiever, and finally Wendy's three tour challenge.

Transition: Although Wendy's has started such an elite chain of fast food

Restaurants, there are still many competitors competing for the

Same customers' everyday.

II. Main Idea:

A. McDonalds is one of Wendy's largest competitors that is competing for those same customers everyday.

1. McDonalds is one of the most world wide known places on the


A. McDonalds focuses more on the children than does Wendy's

B. McDonalds also has a very good breakfast menu.

C. McDonalds serves 46 million people per day in 30,000 different restaurants.

D. When McDonalds is closing it down for the night, Wendy's is still going strong.

B. Arby's has its taste more appealing to the adult crowd,

1. Arby's concept has been rated...