What were Australia's fears of Asian nations 1900-2000? Give reasons why such fears were perpetuated. Explain how and why attitude about Australia's relations with Asia are changing.

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From 1900-2000 was a period of massive changes. Australia today differs greatly from a century ago and one of the great changes are its relations with Asia.

Influenced by other White countries, Australia has always resented non-whites, especially Asians. In 1901, one of the first laws passed by Australia as a nation was the Commonwealth Immigration Restriction Act. This act was encouraged from the late 19th century by the fear of being overrun by the tremendous population from Asian countries, especially China. This is the first time Australia has felt Asian countries as a threat.

Australia was also influenced the fear of communism. When China became communist in 1949, they feared that as the most populated country in the world, they would spread communism into Australia. The terms, 'yellow peril' and 'red menace' were used to express Australia's attitude towards China. Their fear of becoming communist caused Australia to enter the Korean War with the US and UN forces in 1953-6, joined the British forces in Malaya in 1948-58 and again in 1962 and also with the US forces in Vietnam in 1964-72.

Throughout the 1950's and 1960's Australia again, followed the lead of the US and refused to recognise the existence of China. China was seen as the enemy and the non-communist Nationalist Chinese government was recognised instead and was seen as the true government of China. Although Australia had not official relationship with mainland (communist) China, they were, however, trade relationships. Mainland China became and important market for Australia wool, wheat and other products during these years.

In 1904-5, the Japanese victory of the Russo-Japanese War has not only upset Australia but also the rest of the western nations. Through the Japanese unexpected win, they were seen as a powerful nation and by the 1910's Japan had control...