What were the causes & consequences of the Wall Street Crash?

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1) The economic boom in the 1920s contributed to the Wall Street Crash. America at the beginning of the 1920s was a rich and prosperous country and improving all the time. America had been relatively unaffected by World War 1, this resulted in the factories of America selling goods to Europe to make huge profits. The people in America had a lot of money, especially those living in the city, which had good jobs. Even the farmers were getting a good income because the country could afford to purchase crops at a high rate. Most Americans were extremely happy and were enjoying their lives in contrast to Europe. They were living the American Dream. This is because most of the Americans had high salaries so they could afford to buy the latest equipment and the newest technologies. This was also the time when the loan and credit dealers began advertising all over the country.

Banks also began advertising loans; because many residents were wealthy they could attract more, richer customers to their bank. This made a lot of poorer people jealous in the city and especially the farmers in the countryside. However by 1929 consumer durable industries began producing too much so therefore began losing money. Everyone had bought what they needed for their homes so they didn't buy more of the same goods but the industries continued producing because they thought they could sell their products. However it came as a huge nasty surprise to the factory owners and workers that their products were no longer wanted. This caused the factories to go bankrupt and shut down, which led to job losses and panic all over the stock-market. This is when The Americans knew that their happy lives were in peril.

The reason why so many people suffered...