Were endogenous or exogenous factors more important for the development of the Asian Tiger economies?

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SOCY2021 Assignment 1 Research Project Proposal

Approx. 1000 words plus/minus 10%

Hard copy is due 26th August by 1pm in the School Office

Electronic copy is due 26th August by 1pm in Wattle

This assignment is a brief research proposal describing a small research project you will design and conduct in this course. I recommend that you either use a focus group interview or a content analysis as your research technique. Nevertheless, if you feel you will have significant difficulties in designing a project based on either of these approaches, you can email me to make a time to talk about potential alternatives. The main goal of a research proposal is to provide enough detail about your future study to enable the reader to know what your research is about and whether the proposed research project is feasible given the resources and time allocations in this course.

What to do?

1. First think of a research question you would like to address. Begin by browsing the course outline, the textbook and Wattle readings.

Then select or develop a question which is related to the course content. Alternatively you can think of a question which is related to our course but has not been sourced specifically from the readings. However, please bear in mind that in your research report due in October you will be required to use course concepts and materials. Some possible research questions that have just occurred to me are: 1. What are the highs and lows of a teaching career in primary education? 2. Is teaching as a profession less respected nowadays than in the past? Why? 3. Are male teachers underrepresented in primary education? Should underrepresentation of particular genders or ethnicities among teachers be a cause for concern? Why? 4. Are Australians of Asian descent positively...