What were the First Three Mughals Benefiting Indian-Sub Continent With Art, Architecture, And Battle Tactics? Teacher said well written but too long.

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The Mughal Empire was a large powerful empire that conquered and ruled most of the higher Indian subcontinent from 1526 to 1858. They originated from Mongolia and had different styles of art, architecture, and battle tactics compared to the south-east of Asia (Lal). Their battle tactics allowed them to conquer most of the southern lands as the fighters there had a very different approach that was not very strong against other styles of battling, while the Mughal's used different weapons, such as rifles, and more further spread out battle tactics, which allowed them to defeat their opponents, because the people there did not know how to how to counter the Central Asian fighting style. After the Mughal Empire established itself, the Mughals started to introduce their own art and architecture, which was different from the current styles. The Indian and Mughal styles were beautiful and by combining them, the Mughal's started to paint beautiful portraits, build spectacular buildings, and introduce a new style of art and architecture that would go on to change the art and architecture all over Asia.

The First Mughal who Conquered IndiaThe first Mughal who came to India was called Babur. Babur could trace his ancestors back to both Genghis Khan and Timur. So he indeed had the perfect background to become a great leader. He inherited a small state called Ferghana from his father after he died in AD 1494 (Ganeri 18). He tried to invade India five times, due to the request of an Indian governor and on the fifth time, he finally defeated the head of the Delhi Sultanate, the powerful northern India rulers, Ibrahim Lodi (Ganeri 19). The Sultanates were Afghani chieftains. Although he had a much smaller army of 12,000 men, and the Delhi Sultanate had an army of 100,000...